“A thoughtfully designed deep dive into how leveraging pleasure and working with the nervous system can bring about lasting healing, growth and transformation in clients.” – Victoria BC Attendee

“Whether you’re a sex worker or not, this training is extremely valuable, eye opening and powerful.” – Victoria BC Attendee

“I started this weekend with an open heart & mind. They are both now full. Thank you to all the effort that went into this. The knowledge & skills I have gained here I will carry with me forever.” – Victoria BC Attendee

“I learned a lot about myself and hope that I can use this self-awareness to improve my own life as well as creating a better experience for my clients.” – Victoria BC Attendee

“This training has given me tools I didn’t know existed and I am so excited to bring them into my work.” – Victoria BC Attendee

“I was surprised by how much joy and inspiration I felt as a result of this training. We dive deep into painful, personal topics, but we have pleasure and love as those stars to follow through the dark of trauma.” – Victoria BC Attendee