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Lilith Bay provides trauma-training for sex workers who would like to enhance their practice with a trauma-informed approach and with trauma-healing techniques.

Dominant traditional cultures discourage men from seeking help with emotional/psychological wounds caused by early trauma. Many more wounded men seek emotional comfort and relief with sex workers than with conventional psychotherapists. This may be in part due to cultural norm of emotional suppression as well as the unspoken sanctioning of men’s sexual behaviour. Efforts at designing and providing mental wellness programs for men have brought about little success in the larger global scale of the emotional/psychological challenges that men face; challenges which have been shown to lead to violence and crime on both interpersonal and societal levels.  

Given the above, it seems that placing the ‘treatment’ on a path where men are more likely to come into contact with it would be the most cost-effective approach. Training sex workers to recognize and to address developmental trauma might be the most direct approach in trauma treatment.