Lilith Bay was curated and developed by Mehdi Darvish Yahya and Caitlin K. Roberts as an additional toolbox to the healing work sex workers around the world continue to do on a day-to-day basis. Sex work is ancient, and can be a powerful tool for growth, compassion, pleasure and healing. We offer tools for sex workers to bring into their work; to empower their clients, and themselves.

“I have practiced as a psychotherapist (or counsellor, or therapist) since mid-1990s. In that short time, I have seen astonishing progress in the science and the practice of trauma treatment and have experienced much disappointment in the overall efficacy of the mental health field. Over the past few years, driven by personal and professional longings and through a series of fortunate events I came to know various alternative practices of bodywork. Since then I have focused on adaptation and integration of the findings of advanced trauma treatment with effective bodywork techniques.

The goal has been to find the most effective and efficient way to access and release deep-rooted effects of trauma through the use of touch while retaining clear boundaries and values. The result has become ‘Perfect Touch’.
How can we touch a sexually traumatized person with the intention to heal without confounding the healing potential by using a taboo practice such as sexual touch? I can show that this is not only quite possible, but it carries a tremendous potential for healing a large number of people.

I offer Perfect Touch as an enhancement to the services sex-workers already provide; as an added offering that can bring about the positive image of intentional sex work (i.e. chosen freely and not through coercion) deserves, and as another way in which sex workers can affect a much-needed change in the world.  My hope is that together we can co-create a simple and accessible healing method that is both effective and efficient.
– Mehdi Darvish Yayha


“I have been doing some form of sex work since I was 19 and camming, to performing in porn, to full service, to education, to erotic massage, and I have landed in the field of Somatic Sex Education which blends together the work of sex education, healing services, and sex work. I have received training from the Institute of Sexuality Education & Enlightenment, the International Professional Surrogates Association and the Association of Certified Sexological Bodywork. 

Learning about trauma has been invaluable not only to recognizing trauma responses in my clients and maintaining a safe container for them, but to my ability to self-regulate which in turn allows me to hold space and be deeply present for the experiences of my clients. 

I recognize the privilege I have as a white, cis-female who has chosen to do sex work, and having the access to financially afford training program. My personal intention in the curation of Lilith Bay is to give recognition to the powerful healing work that sex workers do on a daily basis, and to provide accessible tools that they can use for themselves and their work without paying thousands of dollars for training programs. 

I am ecstatic and thrilled to be working alongside Mehdi, who I met in my Somatic Sex Education training program. Together we have integrated some pretty juicy healing modalities. ” – Caitlin K. Roberts